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Lietuva - 2021






International Competition of Draughts Composition

"LIETUVA - 2021" organized by the Lithuanian draughts

composition amateur’s union / Lietuvos šaškių kompozicijos

mėgėjų sąjunga (LŠKMS)

1. The competition is dedicated to:

1.1. 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Commission of Composition at the Lithuanian Draughts Federation (1980).

1.2. 40th anniversary of the first Lithuanian draughts composition championship (1981).

1.3. 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Lithuanian draughts composition amateur’s union / Lietuvos šaškių kompozicijos mėgėų sąjunga (2001).

 2. Competition rules:

2.1. The competition is the second stage of the European Cup of draughts composition 2021-2022 (hereinafter - the European Cup), held in accordance with the requirements of the European Cup and of the International Rules (RI) CPI FMJD for problems (part I, Master rules) and for competitions (part II) , draughts "100".

2.2. The competition is held in two categories:

2.2.1. Category A. Miniatures with no kings at the starting position. The starting position must have at least 5 white draughts, the minimum number of black draughts is 4; the maximum number of both white and black draughts is 7. In the starting position, the difference between the number of white and black (black and white) draughts cannot be more than 1 draught.

2.2.2. Category B. Problems with no kings in the starting position. There must be at least 10 white pieces in the starting position, the minimum number of black pieces is 9; the maximum number of both white and black draughts is 20. In the initial position, the difference between the number of white and black (black and white) draughts cannot be more than 1 draught.

2.2.3. In both categories, there is a prerequisite: White starts and wins.

2.3. All interested composers are allowed to participate in the competition. The results of participants  from countries outside Europe, but members of FMJD, in the category score table are displayed separately, , they do not count for the overall standings of the European Cup. Both new compositions and published ones (including the Internet but not earlier than 01.01.2018.) are allowed. Also the compositions that participated, but not earlier than 01/01/2018, in the national championships for compositions are allowed (including those who participated there hors concours).  The category judge has the right to change the composition assessment given by the judges in these championships. It is allowed to participate with corrected compositions that received 0 earlier (but not earlier than 01.01.2018).

2.4. The competition is held in absentia from 01.03.2021 to 31.12.2021.

2.5. In each category, participants can submit to the competition no more than 2 creations, drawn up each in 1 copy, indicating the solution, category of the competition, name and surname, mailing address of the participant. It is preferable, that the participant also sends his photo. Participation in the competition means that the participant agrees and complies with the terms of the Competition Regulations and the European Cup Regulations.

2.6. If in the initial position a white draught is attacked by a black draught, it is obligatory to prove legality, except for a natural attack on the white draught.

2.7. Not allowed to participate:

2.7.1. Collective works.

2.7.2. Compositions that have participated or are participating in other international competitions.

2.8. Creations must be sent not earlier than 05/01/2021 and not later than 06/30/2021 (inclusive) by email to the competition coordinator  or by registered postal letter (this is a mandatory condition for sending by post mail) to the mailing address of the competition coordinator: A.Kačiuška, Architektų 38 - 21, 78263 Šiauliai, Lietuva - Lithuania. Replacement of the submitted creations is not allowed.

2.9. Judges of the competition (category A and category B): Alexander Moiseyev (USA), Anatoly Panchenko (Ukraine), Michel Sabater (France).

 3. Determination of winners:

3.1. In each of the categories, the places of the participants are determined separately.

3.2. Each composition is evaluated and gets a place, unless it gets a “0”.

3.3. The final score of the composition is the average score obtained from the sum of the

average of the two extreme (minimum and maximum) scores and the central score of the judges between them.

 4. Rewarding:

4.1. The authors of the compositions, in each of the categories that took 1 - 3 places, are awarded with diplomas and cash prizes: for the 1st place - 50 EUR, for the 2nd place - 30 EUR, for the 3rd place - 20 EUR.


5. The regulations of the competition have been agreed with the Commission Problemism International European Draughts Confederation (CPI EDC). The Russian text of the Regulations will have priority in the case of a dispute due to differences in the Russian and English texts.


6. Information about the competition will be posted on the official EDC EDC website , the TAVLEI website , on the Planet forum and on the  LŠKMS website

 President of  LDCAU / LŠKMS                                                        Algimantas Kačiuška

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