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Tarptautiniai konkursai

Tarptautinis konkursas Alvydo Jovaišo atminimui - 2016

The regulations for the International draughts composition contest in memory of Alvydas Jovaišas(01-01-1942---05-2010)


1. The Lithuanian Draughts Compositions Amateurs Union is commemorating the 75th birthday of Alvydas Jovaišas with a contest. The regulations were coordinated with the CPI.

2. The contest will take place between the 1st of December, 2015 and the 1st of January, 2017 and will be carried out according to the CPI FMJD International Rules (RI) for problems (Part l) and for competitions (Part ll).

3. Only problems without the kings in the Initial position will be accepted. Furthermore, they have to be at either the Rules of Master (RM) or Rules Superior(RS). Promblems at the level of Rules of Base ( RB) will not be considered.

4. Eligible submissions are: new problems and those published after the 1st of January, 2013. Problems submitted to other competitions either before or during the contest will be rejected or disqualified.

5. Co-operation and co-authorship is forbidden.

6. The contest has three categories for submissions. The following are the criteria for each category:

6.1. Category A

Problems-miniatures that have the following distribution of forces: 5 (black draughts)x5, 5x6, 6x5, 6x6, 6x7, 7x6, 7x7.

Theme: first two moves of the black draughts are capturing moves.

6.2. Category B

Medium problems that have the following distribution of forces: 9x10, 10x9, 10x10, 10x11, 11x10, 11x11, 11x12, 12x11, 12x12.

Theme: short endgame position: the final is either K46/K5 or K5/K46. The final can be reached either after a final strike of whites or as a result of an endgame.

6.3. Category C

Large problems that have the following distribution of forces: 12x13, 13x12, 13x13, 13x14, 14x13, 14x14, 14x15, 15x14, 15x15.

Theme: during a combination move the majority jump rule is used at least four (4) times for black draughts.

7. Participants can offer up to two compositions in each category, indicating the category and the full solution until the moment the victory of the white draughts leaves no doubts. Solutions should be given in a short form, indicating only compositional variants and compositional false directions and proof of the initial positions legality if in the initial position the white draughts are attacked by the black draughts as the coordinator publishes these solutions on websites listed in these regulations. If the problem has been published previously, the author has to indicate the date and place of publishing.

8. All problems will be ranked separately in each category and receive points based on their ranking in the category as follows: 1st place – 100 points, 2nd place – 97 points, 3rd place – 94 points, 4th place – 92 points, 5th place – 88 points, 7th place – 87 points and so on reducing the number of points by one accordingly. Problems can only be awarded 0 points based on objective criteria.

9. The final score of a participant is determined by adding up the points received for the four (4) best compositions regardless of the category. This means that all compositions in all three categories will be considered.

10. If participants have the same final score, then the final score is determined by either

10.1. Adding up the points for the 5 best performances;

10.2. Adding up the points for the 6 best performances.

11. The winner of the contest is awarded a medal and a certificate. The top three participants are awarded cash prizes:

1st place – 70 euros;

2nd place – 50 euros;

3rd place – 30 euros.

12. The judges of the contest are: P. Shkludov (Belarus), A. Tavernier (France), S. Žilevičius (Lithuania). Consultant is A. Polevoy (Israel). R. Mackevičius (Lithuania) has been appointed the coordinator of the contest.

13. The participants should send their submissions until the 1st of June, 2016 to the coordinator of the contest R. Mackevičius at

Parko 30-25

LT-11214 Vilnius

Lietuva (Lithuania)

Or by sending them to the following email address:

The date of submission will be determined by the postal stamp.

14. The points are awarded according to the statute of the CPI.

15. The regulations of the contest, positions and solutions, notes, preliminary and final results of the contest will be published on the following websites:

LSKMS site at

Forum MIF at



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